...is a young international architectural practice established in 2012 by four young architect coming from three different nations and two continent: Antonio De Castro ( Italy 1983 ), Servando Juliao ( Panama 1986 ), Marco Mazzotta ( Italy 1985 ), Alejandro Zimet ( Uruguay 1983 ). The idea to create an international practice born after attending the “Master in Collective Housing” In Madrid ( Spain ), an international context where the four architects met and had the possibility of studying and growing with some of the best architect around the world. Each of them has a specific role in the office in order to have a professional figure in every step of the project as well as different qualification in several architectural fields. The practice runs in three different duty station in Italy, Panama and Uruguay. Three different locations that works together in a network, configuration based on long-distance teamwork. The combination of different cultural aspects, traditions and educations makes this architectural practice incredibily versatile and related with the different requirement that the project involves.


The multiplicity of studio’s members and professional makes this practice able to conver at the same time all the different aspects concerning the profession. The work embraces architecture, urbanism, interior and industrial design creating a continuity in all the project that show which is their attitude regarding architecture: a place for people, interaction and possibilities. The practice is always carefull about the topics of contemporary architectural world, such as density and sustainability. Their work is in tight contact with the clients and the context, in order to satisfy their needs from the preliminary idea to the execution.